Very Little Ice Wed. Evening – NOAA Web Site Link

As of 6:45 PM on May 2nd there is very little ice passing Napaimute.  However, there is still plenty of ice upriver.  There is a substantial jam several miles below Sleetmute that is backing water up and causing some flooding on the roads.

The water here at Napaimute has risen about an inch an hour since noon.

You can see from the following River Watch map ( where the ice still is as of 4:00 PM this afternoon.  Note that Sleetmute is designated with a Flood Warning and Red Devil with a Flood Watch.

Ice conditions as of 4:00 PM May 2nd


Here’s what the river is doing at Napaimute as of 7:00 PM on May 2nd.


Looking downstream from Napaimute


Looking upstream

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