What The Rolling Closure Means From Kalskag To Sleetmute

The rolling closure for the area between Kalskag and Chuathbaluk began 12:01 this morning (Sunday) and is expected to last for 12 days to allow for the salmon to pass by.

However, gill nets of 4″ or less mesh-size and 60′ or shorter in length can still be used; this is so people can use set nets for whitefish and other species.

The running closure for the area above Chuathbaluk up to the mouth of the Holitna begins this coming Friday, June 22nd, and is also expected to run for 12 days.  The same gear restrictions (4″ mesh less than 60′ long) will be in place for that section when the closure takes place.

If you have any questions you can call the ADF&G office in Bethel toll-free at 1-855-933-2433 during normal business hours to talk to a biologist.  After hours the recorded information is updated regularly to provide timely information.

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