A Different Way Of Looking At The Catch-Per-Unit-Effort Of The BTF

Here’s a little different format for looking at the Bethel Test Fish CPUE’s that shows the likelihood of meeting – or not meeting – escapements.  These graphs are provided by the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game in the informational packets provided to the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group prior to each meeting.

Clearly we are seeing a very low return of king salmon this year and will likely not meet escapement (didn’t meet them the previous four years!).  As they say, it takes a salmon to make a salmon.  Keep in mind that the king runs are pretty much depressed throughout much of the state.

BTF King CPUE As Of June 24

The sockeye or reds CPUE is on the low end too!  Note that we are below 2002 when escapement wasn’t met.

BTF Red CPUE As Of June 24

Here is the chum CPUE – as you can see it’s kind of middle of the road compared to other years and equivalent to years that overall escapement was met:

BTF Chum CPUE As Of June 24


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