Bethel Test Fish Numbers As Of June 25th

This information was provided at the June 26th Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group:

The latest numbers to be added to the BTF tables are 24 kings, 31 sockeye and 191 chum salmon (see tables below).

Unfortunately, the high water is hampering the Dept. of Fish and Game and USFWS’s efforts to install the enumeration projects. So far only the Tatlawiksuk River weir up above Stony River is counting fish and the Tuluksak River weir is expected to be operable this evening.  The Kwethluk River weir is in place but the water level needs to drop before the resistance boards can be put in place to direct the salmon through the passing chute; at this time the panels are sunk and fish are able to pass over them.

The photo below shows the Tuluksak River weir during a previous year of operation with the resistance boards in place lifting the downstream  panel ends even with the surface of the water – forcing fish through the counting chute to proceed upstream.

Tuluksak River Weir In Operation (USFWS photo)

When weirs cannot be installed at the beginning of the season or become inoperable later on due to high water events, the biologists do their best to estimate what may have been missed and passed upstream unaccounted for.  This is one example in some years of how difficult it is to have comprehensive and conclusive information during and after the season…and going into the next season for pre-season projections, etc.  Years when the weirs are inoperable much of the time make it difficult to validate the accuracy of the Bethel Test  or how effective management actions were.

Following are the latest Bethel Test Fish Tables as of June 25:

BTF Chinook CPUE as of June 25th

BTF Sockeye CPUE as of June 25th

BTF Chum CPUE as of June 25th


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