The Catch Of A Weak Salmon Run And The Schedule For Section 4 – Chuathbaluk To Sleetmute

Although the king run was weak and late in coming, middle river fishers have been able to put fish in the smokehouse.

Section 4 of the Middle Kuskokwim from Chuathbaluk to Sleetmute opened for subsistence fishing with gear mesh of 6″ or less at 12:01 AM July 4th and will close at 11:59 on Monday July 9.  After that 4″ mesh or smaller will only be allowed as long as the net is less than 60 feet long.

Here are the efforts of Nastasia Avakumoff and Shelly Leary and other family members.

Nas Avakumoff and Kristy Wise (grandaughter) cutting chums and reds together

The Fine Art Of Cutting Salmon With An Ulu

Have you ever seen a prettier color in nature? And all the result of marine derived nutrients from the food salmon eat all their adult lives.

Kristy Wise with a recently prepared salmon

Nas Avakumoff's smokehouse

Inside that smokehouse

Can't wait till it's done!

Now doesn't that look good?

Inside the Leary's smokehouse

What a fine job of cutting by Shelly and daughters

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