What’s Bugging Alaska’s Forests? Shipping The Wood Downstream

The following information is from the State’s Division of Forestry website and has some facts about the spruce bark beetle – one of the reasons that the Native Village of Napaimute is logging  our land and hoping to expand that effort to adjoining lands.

This is the URL for more information: http://forestry.alaska.gov/insects/sprucebarkbeetle.htm

Here’s what we are seeing throughout the Middle Kuskokwim Region – mature and fully mature trees that are on their way out, many of which are susceptible to blowdown.  Something needs to reset the clock – either fire or management of the timber which is what Napaimute is choosing to do.

Leaning trees just waiting for an excuse to fall over and attract beetles

What’s at the heart of the problem?

Heart Rot - an indication of an unhealthy forest, one that is over mature and rife for an insect infestation

The first 130 cords heading downriver to the coastal villages.

Loading It Onto The Barge

There She Goes


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