Bethel Test Fish Numbers As Of July 6 – ADF&G Proposes Commercial Opening For Tuesday The 10th

Here are the Cumulative Catch-Per-Unit-Effort numbers as of July 6th.

During the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group held on Saturday the 7th, the Department of Fish and Game proposed a commercial opening for Tuesday the 10 that will target chums and sockeye.

The Department realizes that some incidental harvest of kings will occur, but they believe that the numbers will be negligible since the king run is waning and the requirement for all fishers to use 6″ gear.

There will be another KSMWG meeting on Monday at 10:00 to assess additional information (i.e., BTF and weir escapements).

Bethel Test Fish King CPUE As Of July 6

BTF Red CPUE As Of July 6

BTF Chum CPUE As Of July 6


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