Rolling Closures & Latest From ADF&G

Here’s the most recent information on the rolling closures and commercial fisheries openings.

Below is a summary of what has happened since the July 14 Working Group Meeting. Please see ADF&G news releases for official regulations.

1.) There is a commercial opener today (July 16) in Commercial Fishing District 1-A, so subsistence fishing in that district will be closed from 6 am to 7 pm.  District 1A is from Bogus Creek down to Bethel.

2.) Tomorrow, July 17, there will be a commercial opener in Commercial Fishing District 1-B. Subsistence fishing will be closed tomorrow in that district from 6 am to 7 pm.

3.) Starting today, subsistence fishing for Chinook salmon with rod and reel in Section 5 will be open.  Subsistence Fishers in Section 5 will be subject to a  bag limit of 3 Chinook salmon per day.

4.) “Rolling Openings” that allow unrestricted mesh size and rod and reel subsistence fishing for Chinook will start at Section 1 and move up the river section by section. These are the days that each section opens (please see attached schedule). During Rolling Openings, there will be no daily bag limit on rod and reel fishing for Chinook salmon.

Section 1:  today

Section 2:  July 19th

Section 3:  July 23rd

Sections 4 and 5:  To be decided

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Rolling Openings do not apply and commercial fishing is not allowed (if applicable) in these areas until after July 25, 2012 (tributaries restricted to 4-inch mesh this year because of Chinook conservation concerns).

The Kwethluk River drainage including its confluence with Kuskokuak Slough and downstream to ADF&G regulatory markers located at the downstream mouth of the slough.

The Kasigluk and Kisaralik river drainages including Old Kuskokuak Slough to ADF&G markers at the confluence of Old Kuskokuak Slough with Kuskokuak Slough.

The Tuluksak River drainage including its confluence with the Kuskokwim River and downstream approximately 1-mile to ADF&G regulatory markers.

The Aniak River drainage to ADF&G regulatory markers at its confluence with the Kuskokwim River.

The George River drainage including its confluence with the Kuskokwim River and downstream approximately a half mile to ADF&G regulatory markers.

Schematic showing the closures throughout the Kuskokwim






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