Collecting Holokuk Water Chemistry Data With KNA Intern Dakota Phillips

This week in between rain events, Dakota Phillips, a college intern with KNA, and Dave Cannon collected water chemistry data on the Holokuk River and several tributaries.  We also set up a stream gauge and measured the discharge of Kogoyuk Cr. (a.k.a. Big Swan); unfortunately, because of the recent rains the Holokuk River was too high to wade its entire width safely for stream measurements (both down near the mouth and up on each fork beyond the forks area).

Data collected is considered baseline information since nothing like this has been collected before.  One of the more important measurements taken is that of stream flow, for some day it could be advantageous to determine minimum in-stream flows to protect the fishes and other aquatic resources if any developmental activities were to remove water from the river (e.g., mining operations).

Here is Dakota putting the finishing touches on the stream gauge located several miles up from the Holokuk’s mouth.

Here is Dakota getting a pH reading on Kokoyuk Cr.

Collecting water chemistry parameters on the Holokuk River near the forks.

Getting ready for collecting readings at a beaver pond lower down on the Holokuk R.

Heading out on the Kuskokwim to take the readings.



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