Kalskag Logging Update – April 22nd

The conditions for working out  in the woods couldn’t be better for this time of year…or any time of year.  Cool nights and crystal clear sunny days, who could ask for more?  Best of all, no bugs…at least not yet.

Just a few weeks ago the temperatures were below zero at night and topping out at somewhere between zero and the freezing mark, now they’re hitting 40 gorgeous degrees.

Napaimute’s logging crew has been taking advantage of those conditions by working 12 hour days and producing lots of wood.  During that time, 12 locals have been employed and many more from surrounding villages have been asking for work; hopefully someday that chance may come.

Joey Evan running the harvester.

Constantine Gregory taking a load to the storage area.


Tim Alexie skidding some logs.

Kevin Pitka putting the finishing touches on some logs.

Bruce Waskey doing a whole lot of splitting.

Taking a short break for some hot chow (left to right - Constantine Gregory, Tim Alexie and Mike Evan).

Even with all the hard work Kevin Pitka found some time for horsing - or moosing - around!

Aerial view of the area being logged. One day an ice fisherman fishing within sight of the unit asked when the logging was going to start. He didn't know it had been going on for weeks!




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