Kuskokwim & Yukon Flooding Potential Now Moderate

Winter hasn’t lost its grip yet in Southwest Alaska, and that cold weather coupled with a fair amount of snow in “them there hills” has raised the concern for potential flooding here in the Kuskokwim and on the Yukon to the north.  If the cold gives way to a sudden warm spell, all that snow would rapidly melt increasing the risk of flooding.

Here’s an article from the Alaska Dispatch showing the regional conditions and concerns.


The ice road to Chuathbaluk from Aniak melts a little during the day and then freezes overnight.

The frozen Kuskokwim and snow conditions in Aniak on May 2nd.

The noontime temperature in Aniak on May 2nd.

Frozen tundra pond in Bethel on May 1st.

The frozen Kuskokwim in Bethel on May 1st. People are still traveling from Bethel to Aniak on the ice road.

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