KYUK Radio Clips Discussing Potential Weak King Runs And Subsistence Concerns

Here are three radio clips from KYUK on the upcoming subsistence Chinook salmon season that is fast approaching; two specifically deal with the Kuskokwim and the third deals with the weak run that is expected on the Yukon River.

This first clip deals with the new escapement goals established by the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game on the Kuskokwim and how they play into the mix of potential closures in order to get enough kings to the spawning grounds.

This second clip demonstrates the conservation efforts that commercial fishermen from Quinhagak will take this season foregoing their catch of kings in order to protect their dwindling king run.

And this final clip points out the critical nature of the expected low returns of kings to the Yukon River where local fishermen are encouraged to greatly reduce their king catch.

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