ADF&G News Release #5 For June 19

Here is an excerpt from the June 19 news release from the Department of Fish & Game following yesterday’s Working Group meeting:

The Kuskokwim River Salmon Management Working Group (Working Group) met on Wednesday, June 19, to hear subsistence salmon fishing reports and discuss salmon run assessment. Many subsistence fishermen from the lower Kuskokwim River reported that people are slowing down on targeting king salmon and shifting to targeting chum salmon as they are close to meeting their king salmon harvest goals. A few lower river subsistence fishermen reported that they are waiting to start fishing until the densities of salmon increase to achieve their harvest goals more efficiently. Reports from middle river subsistence fishermen indicate that the king salmon run is beginning to build in that section of river, however catch rates are still fairly low. Current data from the Bethel Test Fishery (BTF) project indicates that king salmon escapement goals will likely be met. ADF&G and USFWS recommended to maintain the existing subsistence salmon fishing restrictions on the tributaries and to keep subsistence salmon fishing open on the mainstem to all gear types and unrestricted gillnet mesh size. The Working Group voted unanimously to support the recommendation.

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