Important KYUK Call-In Show : Conserving King Salmon For Future Generations (Friday Dec. 13 @ 11:00am)

Glen Lindsey, Megan and Mark Leary will be participating in the KYUK call-in show on Friday the 13th at 11:00 in the morning.

Glen has worked the past few summers up at the Kogrukluk River weir for the Department of Fish & Game and Megan spent much of last summer gathering subsistence information on the lower Yukon; both have grown up on the Kuskokwim living subsistence lifestyles and have a younger generation perspective of the realities of the crisis that could have implications for generations to come.

Mark is a long-time subsistence fisherman who resides in Bethel and Napaimute and has been actively involved in the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group and local advisory committee groups.

The purpose of this show is to continue the discussion about the need to conserve our King Salmon in 2014 and to give the perspective of what it’s like to fish in the Middle and Upper Kuskokwim after the huge population of the Lower River has caught all they want – leaving very little for the People further up and almost nothing for escapement.

We always talk about protecting subsistence for the younger/future generations, but we never let the younger generations talk about how they feel. And this is where we are now: trying to SAVE the king salmon so that these young people and their future families can continue fishing for them.

We hope that many People from the Middle and Upper Kuskokwim will listen and call in to the show. That’s what we need – for the People upriver to speak up – like they did last summer. We’d even encourage teachers to let their students listen to the show and call in.

The local Bethel # is 543-5985 and toll-free # is 1-800-995-8954.  For those not in earshot of KYUK, you can listen in on-line at (Click the circle that says “Stream 640 AM”).

What a fine job of cutting by Shelly and daughters

Salmon drying in middle river smokehouse
Nas Avakumof cutting salmon at her fish camp across from Napaimute

Nas Avakumof and Kristy Wise cutting salmon at Nas’ fish camp across from Napaimute


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