Tundra Drums Article – Closures Recommended By Working Group For King Salmon Conservation

If action isn’t taken now, the future of king salmon fishing is in a dire situation.

Those are the words of Travis Ellison, Kuskokwim Area Management Biologist for Alaska State Fish and Game. Three out of the past four years have set records for the lowest runs seen since 1976.

“If we don’t cut back on subsistence and we don’t make our escapement goals, it will get pretty dire,” he said. “The one thing for sure is if we don’t meet our goals this problem can just get worse and worse.”


Escapement is the number one priority – and the lowest end of the total Kuskokwim River escapement goal is 65,000 kings; last year we got only half of that.  That’s the justification for Travis’s statement above.

Here’s the link for the entire article: http://www.thetundradrums.com/story/2014/01/23/fishing/working-group-recommends-closing-salmon-fishing/1041.html


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