Respected Nisqually Elder Billy Frank Jr. Passes Away In Washington State

Billy Frank Jr., a Nisqually elder and fisherman who fought for his people for the right to harvest Chinook and other salmon in their traditional waters, as well as half of the available fish harvest as granted to them under treaties with the US Government (this was at a time when his people were only getting about 5 % of the harvest).  In addition to that, he fought to protect forests from excessive timber harvest and streams from habitat degradation.  He was most definitely an influential and eloquent tribal leader.

What Billy Frank fought for was not half of the last few Chinook salmon, but for half of the allowable harvest as legally granted under the treaties.  He was a visionary and conservationist who would not take more fish than was available thereby jeopardizing the run for future generations.

Here are two articles about this statesman and larger than life individual.




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