Fish & Wildlife Service To Turn Kuskokwim Salmon Management Back To The State – Fed Special Action & State Emergency Order

The Fish & Wildlife Service will hand over the management of the salmon fishery to the State at 8:00 on Tuesday June 24th.  The State will then manage the fishery through Emergency Orders – the most recent issued on Sunday the 22nd is below.  Federal permits for a directed tribal Chinook harvest will remain in effect through June 30th; the salmon fishery will also be limited to federally qualified users at least until upriver subsistence fishers have an opportunity to harvest salmon.

See below for details on when 6″ gear will be allowed for various sections of river with the intent of targeting chum and sockeye salmon  – but not kings since conservation measures are still in place (example – Johnson River to Tuluksak).  Kings incidentally caught, however, can be kept.

News releases with Emergency Orders can be found on the State’s web site at









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