Flyer Explaining Upcoming Salmon Fishing Openings From the Mouth up to Tuluksak & Results of Lower River Salmon Opening on June 20th

What follows are the results of the recent subsistence opening on June 20th on the lower section of Kuskokwim River below the mouth of the Johnson River.

Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Below Johnson River to the Mouth of the Kuskokwim R.
Boats observed =198
Boats/people contacted = 62
Average Net length = 273 Ft (Range 105-300)
King CPUE (Catch per unit effort) = 0.84/hr
Chum_Sockeye CPUE = 14 fish/ hr
King/Chum_Sockeye Ratio = 1:16 (for every one king there were 16 chum or sockeye caught)
King estimated harvest (4 hrs)= 673
Participation: approximately < 30% of the boats were from Bethel while 70 % were from lower river villages

Here’s are the particulars for the upcoming opening on the 24th of June (Note the length restrictions depending on what part of the river one is fishing).


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