Latest News Release Information On Bethel Test Fish And Weir Projects

State and federal managers are “cautiously optimistic” that the drainage-wide escapement goal 0f 65,000 king salmon will be met.

Interesting preliminary study results indicate that the average time it tags for a king salmon to go from the Johnson River to Bethel is three days (that’s 20 miles), however some kings took severn days. The fact that some fish took twice as long indicates that milling occurs in this section of river and thus validates why the Fish & Game discontinued a test fishery in that section of river years ago; the milling would erroneously indicate that there were more fish in the river then really were.

As shown in the News Release below, some weir counts (e.g., George River) are lower than average while others like the Kogrukluk show an early run timing with good numbers already passing by.

The information below is what the Fish and Game and Fish & Wildlife Service base their management actions on, so these projects are very important and should have the support from all those interested in the future of the Kuskokwim salmon.

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