Federal Managers Announce Strategy for 2015 Chinook Fishery

Federal In-Season Managers posted their preliminary plans for managing the Chinook fishery on the Kuskokwim River in 2015.  The attached Fact Sheet 1 posted by the Federal Subsistence Board on May 6th, outlines the strategy Federal Managers will employ for management of the Chinook fishery. This plan mirrors closely previous strategies discussed with the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Fact-Sheet-US-Fish-and-Wildlife-Service-Kuskowim-Chinook-Salmon-Fishing-Information-May-6-2015-1

Fishermen should review the Fact Sheet in its entirety to understand the strategy proposed, which is not yet in regulation.  Additionally, plans are always subject to change as the season progress and conditions change. Fishermen should also watch for and review the Federal Special Actions (which are the equivalent of ADF&G’s Emergency Orders, which will not be issued under Federal Management ) as they are released. These Special Action Notices are the actual regulations that need to be followed to avoid conflict with Enforcement Officers, and possibly being issued a citation.  I will post them on this website as they become available throughout the season, they can also be viewed at the Office of Subsistence Management website along with other information, at: (http://www.doi.gov/subsistence/index.cfm)

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