Federal Managers Close Scheduled Set Net Fishery in Lower River

Federal Public Waters within the Boundaries of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
2015 Kuskokwim Area Salmon Fishery
News Release 7

The Refuge Manager has issued six previous Emergency Special Actions for Federal public waters within and adjacent to Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge). All fishing remains closed to non-Federally qualified users. Chinook Salmon fishing remains closed to all user groups on the Kuskokwim River and all of its salmon tributaries. Federally qualified residents continue to have a limited opportunity to harvest Chinook Salmon with Federal Community Harvest Permits. This action closes the scheduled four-inch set gillnet opportunity downstream of Tuluksak on the Kuskokwim River and all of its salmon tributaries.

Fisheries management below the Refuge boundary at the Kuskokwim River mouth and above the Refuge boundary on the Kuskokwim River at Aniak is under the authority of the State in-season manager. For more information regarding subsistence fishing in these areas, please contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) at 907-543-2433.

Emergency Special Action 3KS-07-15 closes fishing to non-Federally qualified users and closes Chinook Salmon fishing to all user groups on the Kuskokwim river and tis salmon tributaries within the Refuge boundaries. This action also closes the scheduled four-inch gillnet opportunity for Federally qualified subsistence users on the Kuskokwim River down steam of Tuluksak and all salmon tributaries within the boundaries of the Refuge. The use of gillnets is prohibited except under Federal Community Harvest Permits. The affected area is defined as that portion of the Kuskokwim river downstream of Tuluksak to the Kuskokwim river and all salmon tributaries including the Eek, Kwethluk, Kasigluk, Kisaralik, Tuluksak, and Aniak rivers and their salmon tributaries (see Figure 7 on-line at http://www.doi.gov/subsistence/topics/kuskokwim_2015.cfm). The upper boundary of this closure on the Kuskokwim river at Tuluksak is located at the ADF&G regulatory markers on the main stem of the Kuskokwim approximately half a mile upstream from the confluence of the mouth of the Tuluksak and the Kuskokwim (see Figure 8 on-line). The lower Refuge boundary is a line from the west to the east bank of the Kuskokwim River located at the Kuskokwim River mouth. This boundary begins ata point on the west bank of the Kuskokwim River beginning at Latitude 59.999231°, Longitude -162.507352° and ends at a point on the East bank of the Kuskokwim River at Latitude 59.999238°, Longitude -162.187927° (see Figure 1 on-line). This closure does not affect the opportunity to harvest Chinook Salmon with the Federal Community Harvest Permits.

In the Kuskokwim River and its salmon tributaries, all species except Chinook Salmon may be targeted by Federally qualified fishers using all legal subsistence gear except gillnets downstream of Tuluksak. There are no gill net restrictions 100 yards upriver of non-salmon tributaries (see Figure 6 on-line). Chinook Salmon incidentally harvested with all other legal gear types must be immediately released.

See announcements below for more detail.

Kuskowim Area Salmon Federal Fishery New Release 7


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