2nd Middle Kuskokwim Borough Steering Committee Meeting Completed

The 2nd meeting of the Middle Kuskokwim Borough Steering Committee was held in Anchorage on May 3-5.

The focus of this meeting was to review and revise the draft borough charter that had been prepared by borough consultant, Lamar Cotton. This draft was built from the information gathered from the 20 representatives of the 10 middle Kuskokwim communities at the first meeting.

At this second meeting many revisions were made to the charter to limit the powers of the borough. These limitations of power are designed to minimize the impact borough formation would have on the everyday lives of Middle Kuskokwim residents.

The next meeting of the Middle Kuskokwim Borough Steering Committee will be held in October. The focus of this meeting will be to get further education on the cost/benefit on the different tools that can be used to generate revenue from the development of Donlin Creek should it become a producing mine.

A big thank you to all the Middle Kuskokwim representatives that have volunteered their time to go through this long, tedious process.

Thank you.

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