Notice of Intent to Apply: The Native Village of Napaimute is applying for the Indian Community Development Block Grant – American Rescue Plan Act (ICDBG-ARP) / Notice PIH-2021-22

Key strategies of this project include:

•The creation of a Tiny Home kit specifically designed for villages in our region to meet immediate needs related to the prevention and management of COVID 19.

•Expand the kit to include the necessary components and directions to make the Tiny Home an appropriate dwelling for our region: the home will be a high efficiency energy rated home, able to be heated with a small Toyo direct vent heater, with HRV (heat recovery ventilation). The goal is harnessing technological innovation to make small home construction work in a harsh, extreme and unconventional environment in an efficient and cost-effective way.

•Developing the rural economy of the nine villages in the Middle Kuskokwim /Aniak sub-region by supporting a rural workforce in a region with chronic joblessness and improving quality of life for more than 28+ rural communities by supplying a lower cost source of housing kits and providing jobs.

This project will:

  • Provide needed homes for isolation and quarantine to communities with no existing options, which is essential to controlling and stopping the spread of COVID 19.
  • Offer delivery on the Kuskokwim River by both ice road and barge so construction can commence as soon as weather allows
  • Provide a prototype of an affordable, energy-efficient design that can provide much-needed housing

Project Budget: $838,180

For additional information please contact the Napaimute Traditional Council Office: 907.545.2877 /

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