Notice of Council Vacancy:

Due to a lack of response, there will be no elections held at the 2021 NVN Annual Meeting on November 13, 2021. Seat B will become vacant.

Following Section 7 of the NVN Election Ordinance: In the event that any elective Tribal Council seat becomes vacant between elections, the Tribal Council President, after first determining if the person consents to serve, shall recommend a person who meets the requirements of a Candidate to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.  Such person shall assume office upon approval of the appointment by a majority of the members of the Tribal Council.  If a majority of the members do not consent to the appointment, the Tribal Council may choose, by a majority vote, to either direct the President to select another candidate or approve a candidate nominated by a member.

Tribal Members 18 years of age and older that are interested in appointment to this seat must submit their Letters of Interest no later than 5 PM Alaska Standard Time, December 3, 2021.

Letters of Interest can be mailed to:

Native Village of Napaimute, PO Box 1301, Bethel, Alaska 99559

Or emailed to

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