(Administered by Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC)

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal program that helps low-income households pay for broadband service and internet connected devises. You may be eligible to receive this benefit if your household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, if you receive federal assistance, or if you received a lifeline benefit.

The maximum benefit is $75 per household per month if you live on qualifying tribal lands, or $30 per HH per month if you do not live on qualifying lands.

You may also be eligible for a one-time discount of $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (between a $10 – $50 Co-Pay)

(The ACP program replaces and is a continuation of the previous EBB program. The EBB is set to expire March 1,2022 for those currently on the EBB program)

To apply select this link
To find out more about this opportunity you may go to the following links:

To see if you qualify go to
To see Household Eligibility
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You must apply BEFORE March 1, 2022, to avoid uninterrupted service (for previous EBB enrollees)

To download the flyer select download below:

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