May 8 – 8:00 AM

The water level hasn’t changed much in the last 24 hours but just in the last 20 minutes a little more ice and wood is coming by on the north side.  The temperature is around 35 degrees with a good breeze coming from the west.


May 7 8:00 AM

The water level has dropped about 5 feet and there is only small broken chunks of ice now passing.  It appears that most everything has passed by, although I just got word that there is still some ice up near Devil’s Elbow.


Looking upstream

Looking downstream from porch of the Community Center

Looking downstream from the Chapel

Looking upstream from Chapel



May 6 – 9:00 AM Slush Ice Moving Through & 1st Skeeter Killed in Community Center

Only slush moving through now after a beautiful full moon last night.  I just killed the first mosquito of the season in the Community Center five minutes ago!  Saw several yesterday.

It’s just my best guess, but I’ve got a hunch it’s going to be a bad mosquito year.

The water level has risen maybe a few inches in the last 12 hours.


Looking downstream

Looking downstream from the Chapel


Looking upstream

Looking upstream from the Chapel


Looking downstream from the Chapel

May 5th 10:00 PM Some Ice Now Passing Again

Looking downstream at about 8:00 PM


Looking upstream at 8:00


Downstream at 10:00 PM


And upstream at 10:00 PM

Much of the day very little ice was passing Napaimute, then about 8:00 some started going by, then more than I’ve seen the past few days is now passing at 10:00.  However, the water level hasn’t been rising much if any.