May 9 – 8:00 AM River Update

There’s been a decent amount of wood passing yesterday and today, and the ice is diminishing as you can see from the photo.

I did have three visitors from Chuathbaluk last evening (Eric Morgan Jr., Jacob Wise and Nick Sakar). They were successful at catching numerous ducks.



Eric, Jacob and Nick heading home

May 8 – 8:00 AM

The water level hasn’t changed much in the last 24 hours but just in the last 20 minutes a little more ice and wood is coming by on the north side.  The temperature is around 35 degrees with a good breeze coming from the west.


May 7 8:00 AM

The water level has dropped about 5 feet and there is only small broken chunks of ice now passing.  It appears that most everything has passed by, although I just got word that there is still some ice up near Devil’s Elbow.


Looking upstream

Looking downstream from porch of the Community Center

Looking downstream from the Chapel

Looking upstream from Chapel