Subsistence Fishing under State Management Opens Saturday 7/8/2017 at Noon

Subsistence Fishing under State Management Opens Saturday 7/8/2017 at Noon. Gillnets are restricted to 6 inch or less mesh, 45 meshes deep, and 25 fathoms (150 ft.) long. Additionally see map below for closed area around Aniak. Other methods of fishing that allow for the live release of fish (dipnets, fish wheels, rod and reel) must release all Chinook salmon. See announcement below for additional detail.

ADF&G Anouncement: 813941680

Drift Gillnet Opening July 3rd, Noon to Midnight in State and Federal Waters

Both State and Federal Waters will be open to drift gillnet fishing July 3rd from noon to midnight. Please note closed areas around Aniak in State and Federal waters. See maps and announcement below for more details.

Areas closed to drift gillnet fishing near Aniak:

Federal Announcement: 3-KS-06-17_News Release (2)

State Announcement: 806511213

Drift Net Fishing Opportunity Tomorrow 6-24-17 in Both State and Federal Waters for 12 Hrs. Starting at Noon.

Drift gill net fishing will be open starting tomorrow at noon in both State and Federal Waters. Read full announcements below for details on closed areas and allowable gear.


See map for closed area around Aniak: SA – 4 – 17-Aniak Inset(reduced)

Subsistence Driftnet Fishing Opportunity in Federal Waters June 12th.

Subsistence driftnet fishing by Federally Qualified Users will be open for 12 hours beginning at 12 noon on June 12th in Federal Waters (below Aniak). See announcement and news release below for additional detail about net restrictions in different sections of the river.

USFWS Special Action: 3-ks-03-17_complete

Kuskokwim Set Gillnet Fishing Opportunity Saturday June 10th

There will be a river wide set gill net fishing opportunity on Saturday June 10th for 12 hours. See ADF&G announcement below for additional information. Additional fishing opportunity is being planed for next week, check back here for updates after the Saturday Working Group meeting.

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ADF&G Announcement:  787396419