The Moon Over Napaimute

The ice was still going past Napaimute around 11:00 PM Thursday evening as the moon was rising but diminished throughout the night.

It again started floating by come morning, however.

Here are the evening and very early morning photos with the moon as a backdrop.


Now There’s Ice Passing Napaimute (May 3rd 9:00PM)

After days of now ice going by, something upriver let loose.  As of 8:30 this evening small intermittent chunks began passing, then they got more common and larger.  Now some 300 feet long are passing.

The water level has dropped a few inches…for now.

I talked to Eric Morgan in Chuathbaluk and he said their ice is now moving.  Word is that the ice in Aniak is also moving down the slough and piling up on the dike.

Looking upriver - but there are much larger ones behind this one

May 3rd – Still Tranquil After All These Days

Not much has changed over the past few days.  It did snow a little as you can see, and the temperature is around 30 degrees at 8:00 AM.  It’s calm as could be.

The jam upriver still hasn’t given out, so we’ve got only a little slush floating past.  Water level hasn’t varied much – partly due to the cool weather.

Community Center with a dusting of snow


Looking upstream


Looking downstream

Very Little Ice Wed. Evening – NOAA Web Site Link

As of 6:45 PM on May 2nd there is very little ice passing Napaimute.  However, there is still plenty of ice upriver.  There is a substantial jam several miles below Sleetmute that is backing water up and causing some flooding on the roads.

The water here at Napaimute has risen about an inch an hour since noon.

You can see from the following River Watch map ( where the ice still is as of 4:00 PM this afternoon.  Note that Sleetmute is designated with a Flood Warning and Red Devil with a Flood Watch.

Ice conditions as of 4:00 PM May 2nd


Here’s what the river is doing at Napaimute as of 7:00 PM on May 2nd.


Looking downstream from Napaimute


Looking upstream

River Conditions At Napaimute As Of 11:00 PM Tuesday Evening May1

At about 10:00 PM on Tuesday a fair amount of ice came through, but it only lasted an hour and the water was dropping as it went by.

The River Watch folks say there is still a good amount of ice upriver waiting to come down still.


The last push of ice at 10:00 PM


Looking upstream at 10:00 PM


What was left behind


Safe for another year...maybe?


Tonight's moon

Some Ice Now Coming Down Past Napaimute

No sooner did I hit the publish key on that last post when I looked up and low and behold here came some ice.

It appears that a minor jam broke lose and we had ice passing for almost an hour (5:45 pm).  It’s now diminished, but the water did come up almost a foot in the past two hours.

First substantial ice all day.

Kuskokwim Still Ice-Free at Napaimute

As of 5:30 p.m. the river is still ice-free – although word is that there is a jam located between Sleetmute and Red Devil; so more ice is on the way.  The water level has dropped about three feet since this morning.


It’s been cold and windy all day, with the wind coming from the west.  The sun is finally showing itself!


This is what the river has looked like all day - but it won't last once the jam upriver breaks