Napaimute Crew Moves Logging Equipment From Napaimute Downriver To Near Kalskag

The week of February 18-22nd was spent moving logging and camp equipment down to Kalskag over the frozen Kuskokwim River.

For a video of the move from Napaimute to Aniak check out:

The crew experienced wind, deep snow and rough ice conditions up near Anita Gertz’ place between Napaimute and Chuathbaluk.

The tire chains helped - but at times were no match for the conditions.

Part of the convoy negotiating the scenic stretch.

Jacob Wise providing support on snow machine.

Approaching the half way point - Aniak.

Oscar coordinating with Mark on the cell phone while Joey and Jacob stand by.

The crew working on the smoothing out the ice road between Chuathbaluk and Aniak.

Getting ready to pass through Aniak on their way down to Kalskag.

Making sure everyone and all the gear is accounted for!

Bruce Waskey taking care of business.

Gassing up the rigs.

Hurry up and take the picture so we can go to the Hound House for burgers!





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