2022 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting & Election Notice

The Napaimute Traditional Council has set the date for the 2022 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting and Council Elections for December 10, 2022.

The meeting will be held in-person in Anchorage, Alaska. This was the direction given to the Napaimute Traditional Council after polling our membership. We are exploring the possibility of providing a zoom option as well for those that cannot attend in person.

There are two seats open for election this year:

SEAT D, 3 YEAR TERM – currently held by Marcie Shere (retiring)

SEAT E, 3 YEAR TERM – currently held by Tyler Kelly

Tribal Members at least 18 years old who are interested in running for one of these seats must submit their intent to run notice by 5 pm Alaska time, November 21.

Please do not nominate others – only submit if you are interested in running yourself and indicate which seat you are running for.

Submissions may be made via email to: napaimute@gci.net or by regular mail.

Thank you.

Public Notice: Intent to Apply for Extension – ICDBG-ARP Starter Home Project

This is notice that the Native Village of Napaimute is applying for an extension for ICDBG-ARP Grant Award Number: 22-RP-02-10670.

The original grant period ends 1/31/31. Due to supply chain issues the project is moving forward slower than anticipated. We will be applying for a six-month extension to bring this project to completion.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Napaimute Traditional Council Office at (907) 545-2877 or by email: napaimute@gci.net

Thank you.

Completed shell of starter home waiting three months for windows

Interior of starter home waiting months for finishing materials



 The Native Village of Napaimute is requesting proposals from qualified contractors for renovation services at 220 East Avenue, Bethel Alaska.

Renovation work to include:

  1. Level Shop Building and add a post where it has a missing post.
  2. Build Deck with stairs and railing for shop entry way.
  3. Secure Conduit Pipe for Shop Service Drop/Meter Box.
  4. Replace Deck 2”x6” Boards of Larger Section of Apartment Deck.
  5. Prep 3 bedrooms for new flooring for Apartment bldg. – Carpet removal and install finish grade underlayment plywood.
  6. Build a dividing wall in the utility room for a small office with a passage door installed.
  7. Shop Ramp Support Posts.
  8. Replacement of Rotted Deck Joists on Apartment Bldg.
  9. Kitchen Floor Repair with similar flooring.
  10. Order/Install a new garage door to replace the old shop garage door.

Parties submitting proposals are asked to include the following in their submission:

  • Estimate for labor
  • Estimate for materials
  • Fees for additional work above and beyond the work described above
  • Minimum of two references
  • Proof of licensing and insurance

For additional information or to schedule an inspection of the property email call 907.545.2877

Proposals must be submitted via email to:


No later than 5 PM 10.28.22

2022 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting – Virtual or In-Person?

We are currently planning for the 2022 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting sometime in early December.


Before finalizing a date, the Council would like to know the preference of our tribal membership for the meeting:


  1. Do you prefer a virtual Zoom meeting?


  1. Do you prefer an in-person meeting?


Please email your preference to: napaimute@gci.net

Thank you.



Notice of Council Vacancy:

Seat C on the Napaimute Traditional Council (formerly held by Rachelle Rohde) has recently become vacant. This Seat has a 3-year term that expires in 2023.

Tribal Members 18 years of age and older that are interested in appointment to this seat for the remainder of the term must submit their Letters of Interest no later than 5 PM Alaska Standard Time, September 23, 2022.

Letters of Interest can be submitted by:

Email to: napaimute@gci.net


Regular mail to: Native Village of Napaimute, PO Box 1301, Bethel, Alaska 99559