May 6 – 9:00 AM Slush Ice Moving Through & 1st Skeeter Killed in Community Center

Only slush moving through now after a beautiful full moon last night.  I just killed the first mosquito of the season in the Community Center five minutes ago!  Saw several yesterday.

It’s just my best guess, but I’ve got a hunch it’s going to be a bad mosquito year.

The water level has risen maybe a few inches in the last 12 hours.


Looking downstream

Looking downstream from the Chapel


Looking upstream

Looking upstream from the Chapel


Looking downstream from the Chapel

May 5th 10:00 PM Some Ice Now Passing Again

Looking downstream at about 8:00 PM


Looking upstream at 8:00


Downstream at 10:00 PM


And upstream at 10:00 PM

Much of the day very little ice was passing Napaimute, then about 8:00 some started going by, then more than I’ve seen the past few days is now passing at 10:00.  However, the water level hasn’t been rising much if any.