Request for Proposals: NVN Grant Writing & Management Services – Closing Date 9.28.18

The Native Village of Napaimute, a federally-recognized Alaska tribe is currently accepting proposals for the following services:

  • Preparation and submission of funding proposals
  • Grants management including reporting
  • Other planning, development, and capacity building duties as needed
In seeking potential funding sources the following are NVN’s main focus areas:
  • Economic Development – our economic development activities are centered on the use of middle Kuskokwim wood resources through firewood, lumber, and housing packages.
  • Youth Programs – programs that put young people to work and/or strengthen their cultural identity  – For example – NVN has strong Spirit Camp and Summer Youth Employment Programs
  • The establishment and maintenance of safe winter transportation routes in the Middle Kuskokwim – trails, ice roads, and open water marking.
  • Tribal Natural Resource Management with an emphasis on our Kuskokwim subsistence Fish resources, potential large-scale natural resource development issues (Donlin), and timber. We currently operate several fisheries projects in cooperation with ADF&G and USFWS. We are also conducting a reforestation demonstration project at our Kalskag timber harvest site – planting 3,000 seedlings that were grown from spruce cones we collected.
NVN has bases of operation in Napaimute, Aniak, Kalskag, and Bethel with physical assets located at each: buildings, equipment, supplies, etc. We employ 30+ people – mainly from the middle Kuskokwim – at the height of our seasonal activities – which between wood, fish, and ice roads has become nearly year round employment for about a 1/2 of them.
Our focus is always on our tribal membership, but with few left here in the region, our Council always considers how NVN can bring economic/social benefit to the rest of our Middle Kuskokwim neighbors.
Over the years we have employed many Middle Kuskokwim residents and continue to strive to do so. All the while bringing in economic development, funding and programs that would otherwise never come to this region.
With that brief overview of our focus areas/activities please submit proposals to:
Mark Leary
Director of Development & Operations
Feel free to contact him if you have further questions.
Proposals will be accepted until the close of business September 28, 2018.
Thank you.

2018 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting & Election Notice

The September view from Little Swan Hill in the Alukaq River valley near Napaimute – photo by Megan Leary

The Napaimute Traditional Council has set the date for the 2018 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting and Council Elections for October 27, 12 noon at the St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral Fellowship Hall, 401 East Turpin in Anchorage, Alaska

There is one seat open for election:

Seat A – currently held by Shelly Leary

Tribal Members over the age of 18 who are interested in running for one of these seats must submit their intent to run notice by the close of business, October 7, 2018. Submissions may be made via email to: or by regular mail.

Thank you.

2018 NVN Annual Meeting and Notice of Elections Date: October 27

2018 Napaimute Traditional Council(L-R): President Devron Hellings, Vice President Marcie Sherer, Member Rachelle Rohde, Secretary Shelly Leary, Member Audrey Leary

At their July 18th regular meeting the Napaimute Traditional Council set the date for the 2018 Native Village of Napaimute Annual Meeting for October 27th in Anchorage. Meeting Location will be determined in the near future.

Council elections will be held at this time.

There is one seat open for election this year: Seat A currently held by Shelly Leary.

Tribal Members 18 years and over that are interested in running for the open Council seat must submit a letter of interest by email or regular mail no later than October 7th.

Thank you.