Apr 202015

Adopted and Approved April XX, 2015 TRIBAL SAFETY PLAN Tribal Transportation Program Native Village of Napaimute Napaimute Traditional Council  INTRODUCTION The Native Village of Napaimute is a federally recognized tribe located in Napaimute, Alaska, respectively. Napaimute is located on the north bank of the upper Kuskokwim River 28 miles east of Aniak nestled in the Kilbuck-Kuskokwim Mountains. It lies 330 air miles west of Anchorage, and 158 miles northeast of Bethel. The Kuskokwim River affords easy access to the village by skiff during the summer season and throughout the winter motor vehicles at times can be used for inter-village travel. [Read More…}

Dec 092014

P. O. Box 1301 Bethel, AK. 99559 Ph: (907) 543-2887 (Bethel Office) / (907) 222-5058 (Napaimute Office) (907) 545-2877 (Cell) Email: napaimute@gci.net Website: www.napaimute.org Application No. ______                                                                                                                                            Date Received  ______   NATIVE VILLAGE OF NAPAIMUTE TRIBAL ENROLLMENT FORM     Applicant’s full name: _____________________________________________________   Native, maiden or other names by which known: ________________________________   Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________ City                          State                                  Zip Code   _______________________________      ______/______/______     ________________ Place of Birth                                 Date of Birth               Social Security No.   Regional Corporation: __________________ Village Corporation: _________________     DEGREE OF NATIVE BLOOD CLAIMED:   Native___________________  Total Native Blood_____________ Tribe [Read More…}

Nov 132014
2nd Break Up on the Kuskokwim River

With the extended warm, wet, windy weather since the evening of November 8th it looked like a second break up in 2014 was possible for the Kuskokwim River. The ice stopped running here at Napaimute on November 4th and it looked like we were having a good freeze up along the entire River. Water level was nice and low and things were freezing about normal. But on the evening of 11/8 it warmed up with rain and wind that has hardly let up in the days since. By November 12th, the water level at Napaimute had risen 4 feet vertically, [Read More…}

Nov 052014
Napaimute Traditional Council Annual Strategic Planning Work Session

The Napaimute Traditional Council Annual Strategic Planning Work Session and Regular Council Meeting was held 9:00 AM, November 1, 2014 at the Kuskokwim Corporation Conference Room, 4300 B Street, Suite 207, Anchorage, Alaska Here are the main agenda items that the Council and Administration addressed:   AGENDA:   General Discussion     Firewood Business Planning     Napaimute Land Use Issues 1) Airfield 2) Home Site Program     Cost/Benefit of Compacting vs. Contracting   Suggestions for Improving AVCP     Calista Regional Committee Meeting     2015 Operating Budget     Strategic Planning 1) 2014 accomplishments compared to 2013 Goals & [Read More…}

Oct 212014
Director's Report: 50th Annual AVCP Convention

Director’s Report: 50th Annual AVCP Convention, Bethel, Alaska, October 7-9th, 2014 “Embracing Our Legacy to Empower Our Future” Summary: This year’s convention and celebration of fifty years of service to the People of the region was well attended with forty-four out of fifty-six villages answering the roll call at the opening session. More joined the convention later. The Middle Kuskokwim was represented by Lower Kalskag, Upper Kalskag, Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Napaimute, and Stony River. Absent were Crooked Creek, Georgetown, Red Devil, Lime Village and Sleetmute. Some common themes heard throughout the two and a half day meeting were: • The need [Read More…}

Oct 062014
2014 Native Village of Napaimute Election Results

Election Committee Chairman, Stan Kelly swears in newly elected council members at the 2014 NVN Annual Meeting. Here are the results of the 2014 Native Village of Napaimute Traditional Council Election held at the Annual Meeting on October 4th: Seat B – Audrey Leary Seat C – Rachelle Rohde Congratulations to Audrey and Rachelle. Also a big thank you to outgoing council member, Megan Leary for her years of service to our organization.

Sep 302014
Draft Agenda for 2014 NVN Annual Meeting

OCTOBER 4, 2014 NATIVE VILLAGE OF NAPAIMUTE ANNUAL MEETING, ST. INNOCENT RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL, 401 E. TURPIN, ANCHORAGE, ALASKA AGENDA: 8-9 am Breakfast & Registration – (interim election committee: open proxies during this time) 9 am Call to Order – President Hellings Invocation – Stan Kelly Welcome address by – President Hellings Moment of Remembrances – Brook & Mark Establishment of Quorum Introductions Approval of the Agenda Announcements: Appointment of Election Committee – Stan Kelly 9:30 am Approval of the Minutes from 2013 Annual Meeting 9:45 am 2013-14 Traditional Council and Administration Report – Mark 10:45 am Break 11:00 am [Read More…}