Oct 212014
Director's Report: 50th Annual AVCP Convention

Director’s Report: 50th Annual AVCP Convention, Bethel, Alaska, October 7-9th, 2014 “Embracing Our Legacy to Empower Our Future” Summary: This year’s convention and celebration of fifty years of service to the People of the region was well attended with forty-four out of fifty-six villages answering the roll call at the opening session. More joined the convention later. The Middle Kuskokwim was represented by Lower Kalskag, Upper Kalskag, Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Napaimute, and Stony River. Absent were Crooked Creek, Georgetown, Red Devil, Lime Village and Sleetmute. Some common themes heard throughout the two and a half day meeting were: • The need [Read More...}

Oct 062014
2014 Native Village of Napaimute Election Results

Election Committee Chairman, Stan Kelly swears in newly elected council members at the 2014 NVN Annual Meeting. Here are the results of the 2014 Native Village of Napaimute Traditional Council Election held at the Annual Meeting on October 4th: Seat B – Audrey Leary Seat C – Rachelle Rohde Congratulations to Audrey and Rachelle. Also a big thank you to outgoing council member, Megan Leary for her years of service to our organization.

Sep 302014
Draft Agenda for 2014 NVN Annual Meeting

OCTOBER 4, 2014 NATIVE VILLAGE OF NAPAIMUTE ANNUAL MEETING, ST. INNOCENT RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL, 401 E. TURPIN, ANCHORAGE, ALASKA AGENDA: 8-9 am Breakfast & Registration – (interim election committee: open proxies during this time) 9 am Call to Order – President Hellings Invocation – Stan Kelly Welcome address by – President Hellings Moment of Remembrances – Brook & Mark Establishment of Quorum Introductions Approval of the Agenda Announcements: Appointment of Election Committee – Stan Kelly 9:30 am Approval of the Minutes from 2013 Annual Meeting 9:45 am 2013-14 Traditional Council and Administration Report – Mark 10:45 am Break 11:00 am [Read More...}

Aug 062014
Something Pretty Rare In The Columbia River - A Real Success Story About Sockeye Salmon In The Seattle Times

A gangbuster sockeye salmon run is returning to the Columbia River because of a novel idea – “just add water”.  Dah!  Fortunatley, if given the right conditions, wild salmon are highly resilient. Access the entire article at: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2024228208_spectacularsockeyexml.html  (thanks to Ken Harper with FWS for passing this along!)

Aug 052014
Tailings Dam Failure At British Columbia Mine Threatens Sockeye Salmon Run

A tailings dam breached at the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in British Columbia yesterday and has dumped toxic sludge into the Quesnel drainage, a tributary of the Fraser River.  The sockeye salmon will soon show up and there could be trouble ahead for them as they negotiate the impacted section on their way to the spawning grounds. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/metro/sockeye+salmon+return+doubt+after+Quesnel+spill/10092584/story.html

Aug 042014
NOAA Study - Ocean Acidification Dissolving Tiny Snail Shells

Pteropods, tiny salt water snails, seem to be affected by the increasing levels of ocean acidity. These little creatures are consumed by salmon species, especially pink salmon; so there is the potential for indirect effects on salmon populations down the road as ocean acidification only worsens. You can read the complete article at: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2014/20140430_oceanacidification.html

Aug 032014
Donlin Gold Environmental Impact Statement Army Corps Newsletter # 3

The Army Corp of Engineers recently released a newsletter updating the progress of the EIS process highlighting the various alternatives considered. The Draft EIS is expected to be out about a year from now while the final is scheduled for some time in 2016. The first two pages are shown here but the complete newsletter can be found on the Donlin Gold EIS web site at: http://donlingoldeis.com/Default.aspx

Aug 012014
Federal Subsistence Board Discusses But Takes No Firm Action On Middle & Upper Kuskokwim River Subsistence Concerns

At least six tribes or native organizations submitted special action requests to the Federal Subsistence Board with the hopes that the Board would ensure that a reasonable opportunity was given for people in the middle and upper Kuskokwim to harvest adequate silver salmon since many families still have not met their subsistence needs to get them through the long winter.  ADF&G had held three commercial fishing periods as the chum salmon were winding down and the silver salmon just beginning to build.  Some residents were still going after the chums while many are expecting to harvest many more silvers than they [Read More...}