Jul 222014
July 18th Lower Kalskag Meeting - Concern For Meeting Subsistence Needs

There was a meeting held in Lower Kalskag on Friday the 18th in which over 50 people attended in person and at least a dozen participated via telephone; the meeting was convened over the concerns for the difficulty that many of the middle and upper river subsistence users have had in meeting subsistence needs. Also in attendance at the meeting was the Fish & Wildlife Service. Coupled with the concerns expressed for many people not meeting their subsistence needs were the two commercial openings that the Department called last week, the 2nd occurring while the meeting was in progress. It [Read More...}

Jul 112014

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has not announced a commercial fishing period for today nor will one occur over the next two days. Although the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group did not have a quorum, many people, especially in the middle and upper river did not feel one was justified at this time (the Dept. had considered having one today – Friday); especially since so many sacrificed to get as many king salmon as possible up to the spawning grounds. Although the catch-per-unit effort for king salmon in the Bethel Test Fishery has mostly been in the single [Read More...}

Jul 012014
Latest News Release Information On Bethel Test Fish And Weir Projects

State and federal managers are “cautiously optimistic” that the drainage-wide escapement goal 0f 65,000 king salmon will be met. Interesting preliminary study results indicate that the average time it tags for a king salmon to go from the Johnson River to Bethel is three days (that’s 20 miles), however some kings took severn days. The fact that some fish took twice as long indicates that milling occurs in this section of river and thus validates why the Fish & Game discontinued a test fishery in that section of river years ago; the milling would erroneously indicate that there were more fish [Read More...}