Feb 022016
Ice Road Marking Between Chuathbaluk & Napaimute Completed

Our trail crew completed the marking of the 20 mile stretch of ice road between Chuathbaluk and Napaimute on February 1st. Point-of-Beginning is at the spruce tree marker at Jim Smith’s place above Chuathbaluk. Markers are willows with WHITE reflectors spaced 1/10 of a mile apart. Point-of-End is the dump road landing at the lower end of Napaimute. Stay on the beach road from this point upstream until we get some colder weather. No large vehicle traffic (trucks) is recommended on the River above the dump road landing due to open water and uncertain conditions from the earlier blow out of the channel in [Read More…}

Jan 262016
NVN Seeking Public Input for 2016 Social and Economic Development Strategies for SEDS or SEEDS Proposal

The Native Village of Napaimute is interested in applying for the: 2016 Social and Economic Development Strategies for Alaska-SEDS-AK or 2016 Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies (SEEDS).  Both funding opportunities are administered through the Administration for Children and Family Services: Administration for Native Americans. It is our goal to shift away from programs that create dependency and apply for programs to promote economic development thereby developing self-determination and self-governance.  Through this application we are striving to increase employment opportunities for young People in the Middle Kuskokwim Region through the stabilization and expansion of our current firewood distribution business. We are seeking public input and [Read More…}

Jan 182016
Alaska Board of Fish Weighs in on Regulatory Proposals

At the January 12th meeting in Fairbanks the Board of Fish reviewed 16 proposals to change regulations in how Fisheries are managed on the Kuskokwim River.  The Board listened to hours of public testimony, reviewed recommendations from ADF&G Advisory Committees, the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group, Tribal Councils, their own Staff, and even an “ad-hoc” BOF Kuskokwim Committee formed at the meeting: before reaching any decisions. At the meeting, I was impressed by not only the level of representation from Kuskokwim stakeholders, but also by their thoughtful comments, and willingness to find solutions to the problems facing us. We have [Read More…}

Dec 282015
Final Review of Kuskokwim River Board of Fish Proposals and Advisory Groups Recommendations.

Now that all the Kuskokwim Advisory Groups have weighed in on the fisheries proposal I am providing a brief summary on key fisheries regulatory proposals that will be before the State Board of Fish (BOF) for their consideration to be adopted into state regulations in 2016. Again, these regulations will have far reaching consequences for the people and fisheries resources in our region, if adopted. These proposals not only address the how and when State Managers should conduct fisheries, they also establish management objectives. We strongly encourage all fishermen to become involved. The text of the full proposals, ADF&G staff [Read More…}

Dec 142015
Middle Kuskokwim Winter Trail Marking Project Begins*

With the steady, cold temperatures finally settling in during the first week of December the Middle Kuskokwim has begun to open up for winter travel. Conditions are still marginal with many open leads and long sections of rough ice. With more and more People out traveling on the River the Native Village of Napaimute began initial work on our 2015-16 Middle Kuskokwim Trail Marking Project. This work included assessment of general River conditions and open water marking. With the late freeze up there are more open holes than usual and it is our intention to get these marked prior to [Read More…}

Nov 262015

Over the last few weeks three state sponsored fisheries Advisory Groups; the Lower Kuskokwim Advisory Committee (LKAC), Bethel Advisory Committee (BAC), and the Kuskokwim River Salmon Management Working Group (KRSMWG) have been reviewing and developing recommendation on Kuskokwim fisheries proposal for consideration by the Alaska Board of Fish (BOF) at their January 12th meeting in Fairbanks. These proposals if adopted will have a significant impact on how fisheries are managed on the Kuskokwim in the coming years. I have briefly summarized the positions of each Advisory Group and ADF&G Staff preliminary positions on key proposal in the table below. This [Read More…}

Nov 012015

At their latest work session in Anchorage the Alaska Board of Fish (BOF) has submitted Proposal 222 for discussion at the upcoming BOF meeting January 16th in Fairbanks. The proposal would create a permit system for regulating king salmon subsistence harvest during times of low abundance. From their News Release: “IN THE KUSKOKWIM RIVER SUBSISTENCE SALMON FISHERY: Consider establishing a permit system for regulating the king salmon subsistence fishery (newly assigned Proposal 222 which was a board generated proposal created at the 2015 Work Session, October 2015). “ The specific language of RC 027 (Proposal 222) is attached below. The [Read More…}