L-R: Devron Hellings, Marcie Sherer, Rachelle Rohde, Shelly Leary, Audrey Leary

2017-18 Napaimute Traditional Council:
Life Time Traditional Chief – Delores Matter
President – Devron Hellings
Vice President – Marcie Sherer
Secretary – Shelly Leary
Member – Rachelle Rohde
Member – Audrey Leary

Director of Development & Operations – Mark Leary

Executive Administrative Assistant – Lisa Feyeriesen
Environmental Director – Dan Gillikin

2017 Napaimute Traditional Council Goals and Objectives*


 Host Spirit Camp at Napaimute

Council Retreat @ Napaimute after June 12, 2017

Develop a business model for sustainable operations

Implement updated financial policies and internal control

Identify our exit strategy from AVCP


 Recruit and retain qualified employees

Finalize job descriptions and evaluation criteria

One hundred percent compliance with updated personnel policies

Design a hire, training, retention model that promotes development of a reliable local employment pool


Pursue improved transportation logistics to and from Napaimute (barge, ice road equipment)

Pursue family based employee housing

Complete Community Building maintenance and septic renovation

Rehabilitate dump road

Update IRR inventory

Title VI and develop priority


Actively participate in statewide efforts to unify  the tribes

Actively participate in regional fish and game management issues

Actively participate in the Donlin EIS process

* As established by the Napaimute Traditional Council at their December 17 2016, 2017 Strategic Planning Session

A big thank you to the NVN Council & Committee Members for all of their hard work and sacrifice of personal/professional time!

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