Mission Statement

Napaimute is located 280 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska.

Napaimute Mission Statement (updated 11/04/20):

“Capitalize on the strengths of tribal members to develop a sustainable community through economic & workforce development, seeking opportunities that enhance the assets of Napaimute while respecting land, culture, values and the wisdom of our elders and younger tribal members,”

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Concrete steps have been taken by our governing body – the Napaimute Traditional Council – to develop both the tribe and the village site in preparation for the day when the two will come together again.

We have continuously updated our enrollment.
We have sent representatives to all the major events that concern Alaska’s Native Tribes (Alaska Federation of Natives, Association of Village Council Presidents, Bureau of Indian Affairs Conventions, etc.) We have a permanently staffed office opened regular business hours with all the latest technology.
Newsletters and E-mails go out to our members as needed to keep them informed.

We hold regular Council meetings monthly via teleconference and quarterly face-to-face.

The Native Village of Napaimute Mission Statement – Revised 8.4.18

Capitalize on the strengths of tribal members to revitalize Napaimute through economic development, education and training, and opportunities to develop the assets of Napaimute that includes respect of land, culture, values and the wisdom of our elders, and includes identified needs of younger tribal members.

  • Capitalize the resources of Napaimute to develop community
  • Create and provide economic development opportunities
  • Responsible and respectful development of land and resources for the benefit of our tribe community and region.
  • Engage tribal members to grow community, promoting participation in current and future opportunities.
  • Preserves cultural heritage


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